Arts Society of Mongolia – Ballet.

For Mongolians, the culture scene of ballet and opera had a dedicated spot in societies pages. Dedication, endurance, the long hours of practice is well noted when it comes to Ballet. Mongolia’s culture in the classical arts (Classical music, opera, ballet etc.) stemmed from the Soviets, during Mongolia’s long tenure as a satellite state.

The Mongolian Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet close to the Mongolian parliament was built with Soviet help. The dancers were sent to Russia to learn the art of the classical in the hundreds, and it still shows today with many of the artists on stage performing the traditional Russian style. There are agreements with several theatres in place such as Russia and Milan. screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-17-09-10

The theatre is one of the most popular tourist attraction of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, with visitors from the rest of the world such as Europe, Russia and Pacific Asia visiting regularly to perform on stage and to watch.  The theatre showcases opera and ballet on Saturday and Sunday evenings, with special shows over the weekday evenings. Often, the theatre is full so book in advance!

Considering the Mongolian’s pride in the language, it is no surprise that there have always been a legion  authors, screenwriters, songwriters etc, and ballet is not any different. There are original plays and opera such as “Chingis Khan”.

Why not give it a go when you’re visiting?

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What can I say about it? Yurts, or “ger” as the locals like to call it, is considered an architectural ingenuity by the nomadic culture of Mongolia.Placeholder Image It is easily constructed, deconstructed, easily movable over long distance – i.e. light, malleable, flexible – with some additions/deductions you can change the size, weather resistance/ conservancy (after all it is used in harsh winter and summer conditions by the nomadic farmers -35/+35? that is just a little scary) and is earthquake proof.

Today, while I was surfing the internet I noticed a blog post by the magnificent Jodi Ettenberg from G-adventures. It is interesting to see that the yurt, much like the tipi, can now be found anywhere, from New York, US to Cork, Ireland, due to it’s massive surge in popularity brought by the millennials’ desire to travel to exotic places around the world.


Mongolian Fashionista’s Community? -Ep 1

Please welcome the young team from WRM – We are Mods! With twins and their cousin working hard and continuously to bring the fashion industry of Mongolia into the modern culture! If you’re in Mongolia you should notice WRM – the young underground group that has stared fashion shows, designer markets, and now even Fashion & Art training!

Give the group a round of applause! Check out their Facebook page, their interviews on radio, tv and their magazine!

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I have a tentative plan to go to Mongolia in the winter for Christmas and you can see my vlog about it soon on this blog!