Mongolian Winter Fashionistas

Have we talked about the Cashmere scene in Mongolia yet? No? Well then let me introduce you to one of the biggest market in Mongolian fashion industry, Cashmere!

Now if you go to Mongolia in the winter you will undoubtedly find the whole country under layers of snow and ice and the air enough to freeze your hands and steal your breath. There are storm alerts all over the country and depending on the person how many layers that one wears. Now for those of my wonderful readers who live in the more tropical climate, I know, the very thought of layering is completely different to you guys I’m afraid.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 21.35.45.pngThe winter in Mongolia can and usually does stay about -35 on a fair day. You cannot go about without scarves, hats, and feather or fur coats. Your trousers has three layers of tights, cashmere undergarments and then your leggings over it. Your toes are under a few layers of socks, one of which again would be made out of camel shearing too.

Perhaps that is why the Cashmere industry in Mongolia is so large. If you are planning to survive the winter you collect these precious clothing items like a squirrel preparing for hibernation. It is not just a fashion statement, it is detrimental to your survival. Ok, not that desperate but pretty much needed if you want to pass the winter comfortably.

So after that scintillating rant, lets see what you can find in our cashmere stores. Depending on the reputation and the price you will find items from soft like the clouds to slightly scratchy. You can find prints, patterns and blocks of colours. You can find dresses, undergarments, coats, gloves, scarves, jumpers, socks etc.

See for yourselves one of the fashion shows by the Goyo brand, one of the more traditional brands:


Mongolian Fashionista’s Community? -Ep 1

Please welcome the young team from WRM – We are Mods! With twins and their cousin working hard and continuously to bring the fashion industry of Mongolia into the modern culture! If you’re in Mongolia you should notice WRM – the young underground group that has stared fashion shows, designer markets, and now even Fashion & Art training!

Give the group a round of applause! Check out their Facebook page, their interviews on radio, tv and their magazine!

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