The travel destination of 2017, Mongolia?

I think I can proudly say that the tourism industry in Mongolia is slowly rising. Just a few days ago Vogue posted an article about visiting Mongolia. The youth is friendly and we are working towards our identity.

“-One of the world’s most sparsely populated countries—by venturing into the wild with epic horse rides through the valleys, climbing up to Buddhist villages and temples, hiking through the mountains, luxurious yurt stays under a canvas of stars, and homey dishes that are truly farm to table, one finds the perfect antidote to the intensity of, say, Shanghai or Moscow.” Vogue  CLAIRE VOLKMAN 

The migrating sand dunes, the clear air so you can see the stars so bright in the sky, the berries on the forest floor, the high cliffs of which you have to drive under, the fresh healing springs deep within the mountains untouched by the modern culture – so busy, in such a hurry, so crowded. There is barely enough outside the city. You can go for miles, and hours without seeing a yurts and towns. The locals tell you directions by mountains and valleys. It is a beautiful country and it is only a start guys! Please come and visit. We are a friendly lot!





Mongolian Food – Mouthwatering and Delicious! Try it at home

If you have friends from Mongolia you know that we are a pretty friendly bunch. It is considered a pride of the house to greet a guest with the best of what you have, give them a cup of tea and a bowl full of biscuits, traditional treats and some bread with some condiments. It is considered polite to try some from the bowls.

So back to topic. If you would like to try some traditional Mongolian food, there is a local Youtube channel on all things cooking related – how to make the traditional dishes as well as the Mongolian take on foreign culinary. “Gertee” – At home, a youtube channel that you should be able to find on Facebook.

Another short tip – Mongolians are big on Facebook – not so much on youtube. Here’s a sample video of our traditional dumpling.