I love Mongolia. I love the young generation and their sense of confidence, their Spirit. Mongolian are very patriotic but what anyone you talk to can tell you is that their are proud of their spirit, their belief in fighting!

I love Mongolian Food. Yes, that is with capital letters. I need the authentic Mongolian food. Not aMongolian BBQ. Those are not Mongolian. I don’t even understand why they would call it Mongolian BBQ! There is nothing Mongolian about it! Most Asian foods have dedicated bloggers, vloggers and some even protected under the Culture Protection act. Mongolian food is usually quite simple, but it still deserves some recognition.

Mongolian Fashion is a growing industry. Like all Asian countries you can find a lot of copies of brands. One thing you can find is the umber of Cashmere manufacturer’s. It is re-known for their warmth, whether it be socks, slippers and even cashmere trousers, sweathers etc. <Mongolia is known to have as much as -45 degrees Celsius in the winter>

This blog is dedicated to finding and posting about Mongolia – either youtube videos about food or even different blogs about Mongolian Fashion.