What can I say about it? Yurts, or “ger” as the locals like to call it, is considered an architectural ingenuity by the nomadic culture of Mongolia.Placeholder Image It is easily constructed, deconstructed, easily movable over long distance – i.e. light, malleable, flexible – with some additions/deductions you can change the size, weather resistance/ conservancy (after all it is used in harsh winter and summer conditions by the nomadic farmers -35/+35? that is just a little scary) and is earthquake proof.

Today, while I was surfing the internet I noticed a blog post by the magnificent Jodi Ettenberg from G-adventures. It is interesting to see that the yurt, much like the tipi, can now be found anywhere, from New York, US to Cork, Ireland, due to it’s massive surge in popularity brought by the millennials’ desire to travel to exotic places around the world.



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